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Tony Tite is a Writer, Director, and Producer of Film/Television, Animation and Live Action intellectual product. He writes Original Teleplays and Screenplays for the Television and Motion Picture Industry.

This websites displays only the intellectual properties that are available for acquisition via sale, distribution and/or production for the years 2022-2025.

Tony's expertise ranges from writing, directing, producing, editing.

Because Tony owns his own Production Company including Equipment, he is able to be efficient and precise.

Tony has been writing, directing and producing all sorts of TV/Film projects for over 20 years, including Motion Pictures, Television Sitcoms, Reality Shows, Music Videos and TV and Radio Commercials.


He is known for delivering content under budget and on time while maintaining the highest standard of quality expected by clients.


If you would like to engage Tony to work to help you deliver your project from an idea to physical manifestation simply email him at

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